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Hotdog Wall
of Fame

Tim Janus is "Eater X"

Tim holds the current top spot on The Wall of Fame at The Corner Bar. The record is 43.5 World Famous Chilidogs in four hours!

Tim Janus other eating records:

Tiramisu: 4 pounds Tiramisu in 6 minutes on March 5, 2005
Tamales: 71 in 10 minutes on September 1, 2007
Cannoli: 26 six-inch cannoli in 6 minutes on September 15, 2006
Burritos: 10.75 eighteen-ounce burritos (12.1 lb) in 12 minutes on September 22, 2007
Ramen Noodles: 10.5 lbs. noodles using chopsticks in 8 minutes on October 27, 2007
Fried Pork Rinds: 14.3 oz. in 6 minutes on January 31, 2008
Nigiri Sushi: 141 pieces nigiri sushi in 6 minutes on April 11, 2008
Boneless Buffalo Wings: 7.719 pounds in 12 minutes on May 8, 2010
Chili: 2 gallons in 6 minutes on October 7, 2012

Recently, on August 28, 2013, Tim tried to become the first person to get legally drunk (.08) on O'Doul's. Tim drank 28 bottles of non-alcoholic beers and then took a breathalyzer test. The results was only .02. Tim concluded that if he can't get drunk on O'Doul's, nobody can. Though disappointed with the results, Tim said, "At least I can drive home."

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